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Welcome to Bigfoot Times
Since I do believe in a physical being behind the legend of Bigfoot, I am not surprised to see postings on the Internet of new Bigfoot sightings. It's to be expected, assuming Sasquatches are roaming the world, that people will spot one from time to time. However, I think that with all the technology available to us these days, it's time for some physical evidence. So enough reading about sightings-let's learn about some physical evidence left behind at the scene of a Bigfoot sighting. Here are a few stories I'm working on about a Bigfoot body cast from Washington State and an Australian video of a Yowie.

wildman mask john Green and al hodgson dr. grover krantz squatch sculpture
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How it Started
In May 2000 I went to Willow Creek, California to cover the grand opening of the Bigfoot Museum for my monthly newsletter, Bigfoot Times. At the opening I had the good fortune to meet Mike Esordi, a graphic designer from San Diego and I gave him a complimentary copy of Bigfoot Times.

Anyway, to make a short story shorter, Mike e-mailed me to inform me that he liked my newsletter so much that he had registered the domain name. Momentarily, I was ticked off. By grabbing my publication's name he had me cornered. But then I realized, "A business relationship with Mike on the net and me in the physical world could only make Bigfoot Times better. Heck, let's give it a go."
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Mike's survey of the many Bigfoot sites already out there concluded that most lacked cooperation. He thought that the combination of his design skills and my authority on Bigfoot would make a perfect match. We also share a common goal: to have a cooperative and informative presence in the Bigfoot community.

Keep in mind that in its formative stages. Your input is critical to its growth and we welcome your suggestions. Welcome to!

Daniel Perez

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