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Perez with Steve Piper
Daniel Perez with Steve Piper in Australia
Photo courtesy: Tim The Yowie Man
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Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez, born in Norwalk, California, became interested in Bigfoot in 1973. In 1979, he founded the Center for Bigfoot Studies and started issuing a newsletter, Bigfoot Times.

Perez is best known for his role as a chronicler and bibliographer. His contributions to the field include The Bigfoot Directory ('86), Bigfoot at Bluff Creek ('94) and Bigfoot Footnotes: A Comprehensive Bibliography Concerning Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman and Related Beings ('88).

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The true, investigative nature of Perez comes out with month after month of in depth interviews, book reviews, sighting report follow ups, and general and sometimes controversial discussions on bigfoot and related beings. To provide you with a better idea of what's inside the subscriber's area, we have put together a sample of past articles.

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What They Saw
In the course of interviewing and interrogating alleged Bigfoot eyewitnesses over a twenty year span, it has occurred to me that some witnesses appear to be more credible than others. Others have proven to be out and out liars. Looking through my mental notes, this is my list of what I consider the best Bigfoot spotters that I have spoken with to date. I honestly have no set criteria for rating witnesses. It's that overall impression of their character that usually does it for me. Read Full Article

Five Years Ago
Five years ago, on August 28th, 1995, five people on board a 34-foot motor home claimed to have seen Bigfoot in the Redwoods, near the Smith River in northern California. One of the witnesses, Craig Miller, shot videotape of the creature and yet another witness proved to be the lovely Anna-Marie Goddard, Playboy's fortieth anniversary Playmate, which proved to be the necessary ingredient to get the attention of Hard Copy and shortly thereafter the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Read Full Article

The Camera Again
The question came to me in 1988 while giving a talk at the annual Bigfoot Conference in Newcomerstown, Ohio. Someone asked, "was Roger Patterson left or right handed?" as I lectured on the camera Roger used to secure his 1967 movie. I had no answer, but told that person I would find out. Read Full Article

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